We provide clinical and competency training, proper

certification, resume building, job placement and more!

*Due to COVID-19 our class space is limited and class times have been adjusted to meet all state and local guidelines in an effort to maintain a safe environment for all students and staff. (Please read this information carefully and thoroughly;  Our phone  representatives are limited due to covid-19)  

CNA & Phlebotomy Training (entry level) and  Senior phlebotomist / Laboratory Technician


Often times we create our own hurdles in life, causing us to prolong our destiny. For change to begin, we must first believe in ourselves for it too manifest. We at A+ CNA Training will spark that change in you. 

Our promise is to provide a safe, secure yet professional learning experience that enables an accurate, complete, and enjoyable environment in or out of the facility. 

Why choose A+ CNA and Phlebotomy training?

There are other CNA & phlebotomy courses offered, but none of them compare to us!

We at A+ provide our students with:


  • Superb Classroom and Clinical Education

  • Supportive and empowering techniques.

  • Our instructors demonstrate and teach you to use hands on skills properly. They know what is required to get you licensed.

  • Our dedicated staff is eager to assist you in every area of the   test preparation process so you can pass the CNA exam with confidence.

  • Our nurses are on staff and available to provide proper certifications and address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Get Certified With Us!
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Hands on clinical and competency in facility additional fee upon completion of online virtual module.

CNA/HHA OVERVIEW: Our CNA/HHA training and certification is for those looking to become a C.N.A./home health aide/(Direct Care worker (PA residents only). All candidates will be thoroughly  trained to pass the state board exam in any state. Your certification is issued immediately after registration (upon payment). As you continue to study for you C.N.A. state board exam.

Learn all skills needed to pass the state exam. Online module is fun, interactive, and thorough. 


All certificates will be signed by the nurse. Our interactive online training is the best in the industry and provides the candidate with 24/7 customer support and access to the online training module for one year giving the student the opportunity to learn at their convenience. Included in the module you will learn all 23 skills and includes a virtual nurse. Upon completion of the module, you will have the opportunity to learn about test education and continuing educations requirements. We service the entire 50 States.

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Phlebotomy Training 

$250.00(entry level)

Senior phlebotomist(lab Tech)450.00$( includes national certification application)

We now offer national certification in addition to your initial certification

National Certification  for the price of $100.00

PHLEBOTOMY OVERVIEW: Our phlebotomy training will teach you hands on how to perform LIVE blood draws with various types of needles and will prepare you for your journey into your medical career.


Our training program is thorough and extremely user friendly. Our instructors are certified skilled professionals. We provide all materials. Upon receipt of your certificate we will offer additional certification that can be used nationally (this is not required to obtain employment), YOUR EMPLOYMENT POTENTIAL IS IMMEDIATE. WE OFFER ENTRY LEVEL AND SENIOR PHLEBOTOMY/LAB TECH CERTFICATION AS WELL AS THE NATIONAL CERTIFICATION APPLICATION.




National certification application will be given to each student upon completion of the class. This will enable you to be nationally certified and is recognized everywhere.